Friday, March 27, 2009

1910 hazing and anti-hazing sentiments: University of Missouri Gauntlet Run

Moderator:  Over years I have come across so many postcards from 19th and eary 20th centuries that contain hazing scenes. Sometimes the writer has expressed condemnation of the practice.  You can see that the paddling intended here for first-year student administration was serious. Administrators of the time turned their backs on how damaging these paddlings could be.This one from the University of Missouri in 1910 was found for bid online. Note the heavy protective coat of person running the gantlet. HN

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hazing at the Naval Academy, 1922

Majority of First Class Decline toSign Paper, Affirming Obedience to Rules.

Special to The New York Times.

October 22, 1922, Sunday

ANNAPOLIS, Oct. 21.--The trial of Midshipman William H. Robinson, first class, on charges of hazing William H. McGregor, fourth class, was completed this morning but the action of the courtmartial will not be announced until approved by the reviewing authority.  Coninue reading for free.

The Insanity claim of University of Oregon student Ralph Bristol

Here is the link. Press for the pdf

Headline: MADE INSANE BY HAZING.; Ralph Bristol, Oregon University Student, Was Ducked in Icy Water.
Special to The New York Times.
February 28, 1909, Sunday